Laser Body and Face Hair Removal (A PERMANENT solution to unwanted hair)

Enjoy a hair free skin with our wide variety of laser techniques (Alexandrite, ND-yag, Diode) for a more individualised treatment. Each is designed for a specific skin type and color. Our laser treatment is performed on any body area including legs, underarms, arms, bikini area, back, chest, abdomen and face.

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective and permanent dermatologic procedure with minimal pain. It works by damaging the hair follicle by laser’s heat, resulting in an inability of hair to grow.

Hair follicles grow in cycles where most of the follicles are in the active phase and the rest are in the dormant phase. The laser can treat any follicle that is in the active phase even if it hasn’t reached the surface of the skin yet and is ineffective on dormant hair follicles. Therefore, several sessions (6-8 sessions) are necessary for optimal results and sessions are scheduled at 4 weeks interval.


Laser vein treatment (ND-yag laser)

Varicose veins in legs





Spider veins in legs and face


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Stretch marks removal (Microneedle R.F)

Stretch marks are caused by significant weight loss or pregnancy and are largely a cosmetic concern. They are very difficult to treat and over-the-counter products claiming to correct them are not that effective.  We do however offer one proven treatment option to correct stretch marks, and that is the  Microneedle radio frequency.

Scar removal

The removal of both acne scars and surgical scars.

Face resurfacing

A technique used to reduce facial wrinkles and skin Irregularities using laser.

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