Peels and Facials :


Facial peels
Chemical peel and Light pee
Chemical peels are an all in one anti-aging treatment, addressing multiple skin concerns like freckles and acne scars. It peels off (exfoliates) old skin to regenerate new skin cells, improve texture and addresses both pore size and fine lines thus improving skin’s appearance and creating that coveted “GLOW” of the skin. It Prevents dead cell buildup, allowing your topical creams, lotions or serums to penetrate deeper and work better. Also, it breaks up melanin pigments, diminishing hyper pigmentation/melasma.

Diamond peel
It is a treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines, scars and acne by removing damaged and dull cells.
HydraFacial treatment
It is a hydradermabrasion treatmentdesigned to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. It provides instant results and leaves your skin looking younger, fresher and healthier.
Black heads and pores removal


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